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Drop Dripper Black Stand

Drop Dripper Black Stand

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Finally! A way to get your GW paints in to dropper bottles without mess, wastage and without spending 5 hours doing just a few pots. 

The Drop Drippper stand comes with a matching funnel, 15ml bottle, caps, agitator and FREE UK shipping. 

Grab some additional bottles from our shop or somewhere else and you're set to transfer all your paints with zero drama.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in each order?

In each order you will recieve the full 3-piece stand and a free funnel, bottle and caps so you have everything you need to get started straight away.

What size bottles fit the stand?

We use standard 15ml bottles generally, although 20ml does just about fit too. Though you may have to adjust the funnel size.

What size funnels fit the Drop Dripper?

We use standard mini funnels, these are 4cm in height, the upper diameter is approx. 3.2 cm and the bottom diameter is approx. 0.5 cm. Although you will get away with many different sizes.

Can I get extra bottles?

Yes, there are several options available to add on bottles, funnels and caps with your order. There are several options for bottles on this page.

Do you deliver Worldwide?

Yes, you can either order individual units and pay for shipping to your homeland or purchase our free shipping bundle and have it sent straight to you anywhere in the world.